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Golden Weasel Award

29.7 sec


The Up Race is the sixth race in a Hamsterball tournament. This race only goes upwards. It has vacuums and boosters to take the player up to the goal. There is a button with a number 5 near the goal. In a tournament, if you press it, you get an extra five seconds.

Road DescriptionEdit

First there is a vacuum sucker which takes us up. Then a double sided path takes the user to a up-down moving platform. Then another vacuum pulls the ball. Then a slim path takes you to boosters which throw us to a maze like area which has up-down platforms. Then another booster throws the hamster ball near the goal.


Path colorEdit


Background colorEdit

Dark Purple


  1. Up-Down moving platform
  2. Vacuum
  3. Booster

Unlocking ArenaEdit

  • The lock is just above the start point. Use the vacuum to get up and go the other way. (in other words back to the start) You will need some extra force, so use the keyboard on this. This will unlock Up arena.

Time TrialsEdit

Bronze time - 40.8Edit

Silver time - 35.1Edit

Gold time - 32.0Edit

Golden Weasel Award - 29.7Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name of this race comes from the fact that it only goes upwards.
  • Back in 1984, Marble Madness had a race called "Silly Race". It takes you upwards with boosters and stuff. Raptisoft copied that race and named it "Up Race". Up is purple, while Silly is yellow.
  • Sometimes you don't have to use some vacuums and boosters. You can just climb those lences (courtesy of Hammycheez, video title : Hamsterball - Glitches and Things Video #5 Part 1/2. Founded footage at the very beginning.)


Hamsterball Gold Up race 21,7 sec 1 broken ball

Hamsterball Gold Up race 21,7 sec 1 broken ball