Tower Race
The Tower Race

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8-Ball, The Purple Thing

Signature feature

Medieval themed-track

Golden Weasel Award

36.5 seconds

The Tower Race is the fifth race in a Hamsterball tournament. It is based on a medieval theme. There are some tubes, enemies, and obstacles, like maces, a drawbridge, a windmill, etc. This is the 4th appearance of the 8-Ball.

Also there are 2 paths approximately in the center of the race. The mace path is the shorter of the two. The other path is safe. Then these paths connect together at the windmill.

Enemies and ObstaclesEdit




  • When the path splits, take the mace path. Before the jump, go the other way on the lead-in. Roll on the hidden path until you get to the lock. Note: The path turns in this.

Time TrialsEdit


  • The Tower Race is the one of few races, where there are 2 start points present (green circles), instead of only one. The others are the Master Race, Glass Race, and Wobbly Race.
  • after you cross to the hidden path try to go straight and you will be at the another way


Hamsterball Gold Tower race 30,7 sec no broken ball

Hamsterball Gold Tower race 30,7 sec no broken ball