Up here in the sky, your biggest problem is being close to the sun... especially when a giant magnifying glass is out to get you! This crazy coaster of a race will challenge you to hold on to the track without much room to maneuver. Meanwhile, you'll have to deal with these pesky pokey pipes, and a strange blue ball that's just a weeeee bit smarter than those old 8-Balls...

Sky Race
One of the slim loops and curves in Sky Race

Preceded by

Glass Race, Wobbly Race

Succeeded by

Master Race

Enemies and Obstacles

Pokey Pipes, FunBall

Signature feature

Slim Tracks, Sky Theme

Golden Weasel Award

40.0 sec

SKY RACE is the 11th Race in the 2008 version of Hamsterball, and the 13th Race in the 2010 version.

Visual Appearance Edit

Checker Pattern Edit

Sky Blue

Walls/Supporting pipes Edit

Sky Race has no walls or supporting pipes. However, they have "stilts" and path sides that are colored sea or ocean blue.

Background Edit

The background is a pixelated picture of a sky. However, you can make it transparent (courtesy of Hammycheez). When it is transparent, the color is baby blue.