Odd Race

Odd Race is the 8th (9th in Gold) race in the Hamsterball Tournament.

Visual Appearance Edit

The colors were light / dark and normal orange.

Walkthrough Edit

First you have little ramps. Don't go on the walls where the white arrows were placed. You can see that your ball can go on walls because of odd gravity. Then you have to fight or go past the baby 8-ball. Then shortly, you will be smaller than the baby 8-ball and you will fight or get past the another baby 8-ball (bigger). Then, you're back to normal. Watch out for the chrome balls trying to block your path! Reach the goal using an odd wall path.

Odd Race
Odd Race

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Enemies and Obstacles

Tiny 8-ball,Golden Balls

Signature feature

Odd Gravity

Golden Weasel Award

44.6 sec


The Odd Race is the ninth race in hamsterball tournament (including Neon Race) and is the oddest race of the entire game. It is so named due to it's odd path and odd gravity tilt.


  • There is a shortcut behind the odd wall path near the bigger 8-ball area. It can teleport you near the goal or spawn you in a same area. There is also a shortcut near the very small 8-ball. But, it can be used in Normal and Frenzied. There is an unlock spot there. Go down and you won't die.
  • This race has several glitches, most players record "glitches" videos. And Odd Race is the only course that can be mostly seen on these type of videos (not just this).

Enemies / ObstaclesEdit

  • 8-ball (tiny version)
  • Chrome Balls