Neon Race
Neon Race

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8-Ball(Neon),Neon Bumpers,Neon Paths

Golden Weasel Award

37.7 seconds


The Neon Race is the seventh race in Hamsterball's Tournament mode. The course has no light and is illuminated by some sections of the track, railings, and the hamster himself. Some sections of the track are neon lights flashing on and off, only solid when their light is on. If a player should attempt to roll on a dark neon track, they would simply fall through. Do not be on the edge of a neon light while it is off, because when it starts to flash on, it will break your hamsterball. Some tracks are invisible but are possible to progress on, only visible when their neon outlines are lit up. This course is difficult to traverse due to the lack of light, but several players have managed to reach the end quite quickly.


  • Light Pegs

Walkthrough and GalleryEdit

Hamsterball Gold Neon race 28,1 sec no broken ball

Hamsterball Gold Neon race 28,1 sec no broken ball


Neon Race

Hamsterball Neon 8-Ball

A Neon 8-ball



  • In the picture depicted above (Tournament), the Hamster is giving off white light. It is possible that the real colors of Neon Race is black and white.
    • This would make sense, as the other races have white and another color in their checkered floor.
      • Since black and "yellow" squares were seen, it is possible that it is actually white and it was illuminated with yellow lighting.
  • Putting the 8-ball to the goal would cause the game to crash.