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Round and round she goes. The Dizzy Race will spin you on your head and leave your eyes rolling in their sockets. Zooming through this zany zone will require fast reflexes as you enconter platforms that spin,water wheels,and every manner of twisty turns. Not to mention the terrifying tarbabies... Tar on your ball will seriously slow you down!

–Pre-Race Description in Tournament

Level info
The Dizzy Race

Level type


Previous Race

Intermediate Race

Next Race

Tower Race

Enemies and Obstacles

Tar and Tarbabies, Foldups, rotating platform, 8-Ball (which is impossible to reach)

Signature feature

Lots of rolling and rotating (dizzy) things

Golden Weasel Award

37.2 seconds


The Dizzy Race is the fourth race in a Hamsterball tournament.

As its name says, it is predominantly made of dizzy parts, like rotating platform, spiral downhill. Tar pit and tarbabies, blockers make a debut.

Road DescriptionEdit

Dizzy Race starts with a spiral downhill, after that, there is a tube and a small descent. Pass through rotating platform (recommended at high speed), one more spiral and you will face blockers (see Hazards section), go through them carefully, proceed to the tar pit. If you fall in pit,it will take a lot of time to reappear. Tarbabies are time-consuming too,so try to avoid them. Advance to the watermill and carefully finsh the race.



The Dizzy Race

Visual AppearanceEdit

Dizzy Race is colored in green and white colors.

Small Parts are deep green.

Background color is jade.


Hamsterball Music - Dizzy Race

Hamsterball Music - Dizzy Race

Thanks to CrashTeamRacing8191 for letting to post this.

Hazards ==

  • Tar pit and tarbabies.
  • Blockers/Clickers/Foldups (parts of the path that tilt up to stop you).
  • Rotating Platform.

Unlocking ArenaEdit

  • At the tar pit, go to the path that takes you around the pit. Go through the rails and carry on through the hidden route to the lock. Dizzy Arena is now unlocked. See Gallery for location image.

Time TrialEdit


  • 8-Ball makes a cameo appearance in this race, he is seen in background and its spot is unreachable.See Gallery sometimes if you try to reach the 8-Ball's spot it the 8-Ball will disappear
  • It is unknown about Tar pit status (is it an enemy or an obstacle).
  • Blockers, because of their clicking noise, are sometimes named "clickers". MrMenCentral refers to them as "Foldups," which originated when he said, "Hey, what's the Foldup?" when blocked by one.
  • Dizzy Arena features a rotating platform, similiar to one in the Dizzy Race.

Gallery and WalkthroughEdit

  • Blockers
  • Rotating platform
  • Tar and Tarbabies
  • Watermill
  • A Long bridge leading to the finish
  • Arena unlocking spot
  • 8-Ball seen in the unreachable spot
Hamsterball Gold Dizzy race 28,8 sec no broken ball

Hamsterball Gold Dizzy race 28,8 sec no broken ball