Bonk the Hammer
Bonk is ready to smash the hamsterball!

Enemy Type




Signature Moves

Strike/Smash, Chasing Hamsterball

Appears in

Expert Race

Master Race

First Appearance

Expert Race

Related Enemy

Mashing Maces (presumably)

Bonk the Hammer is an enemy that is portrayed as an angry mallet. As with other enemies, he can be found in the Tournament [Normal or Frenzied! difficulty. (Not in Pipsqueak, since it removes enemies.)] or in the Time Trials mode. He makes his debut in the Expert Race.


When you reach the area where Bonk is, he will pop up and try to smash the hamster's ball.


Expert Race

Master Race


  • In the Expert Race, there is a yellow zigzag arrow at Bonk's area to help you out so you don't get smashed.
  • In the Master Race, he will rise up from underneath a thin platform and destroy that platform after you have crossed it, unallowing you to go back. In multiplayer, however, this platform is not fully destroyed, as an extra row of tiles was added to allow the second player to cross.