Now let's try something a little more interesting. The Beginner Race is an easy roll, and if you're feeling fancy, you can try using the bumpers to speed you up a little. Be careful not to fall off the bridges, and watch out for the tragic 8-Ball! It wants to bump you off!

–Description in Tournament Mode, Stub being expanded by Vlaceon

The Beginner Race is the second race in the Hamsterball tournament. Its focus is to acclimate players to a little more danger, including more places to fall, bumpers, and an 8-Ball.

Visual Appearance Edit

The race has an orange color scheme, with a pale orange background, bright orange walls, and an orange/white checker pattern.

The race begins at the top of the level, with a bumper accompanying a decline to the bottom left. The player is to carefully make their way down the declines, using the bumpers for extra speed, without falling off, or they will crash. At the bottom is a bridge to the next section, at which point the player must take extreme caution, as the bridge does not have any guardrails. More bumpers and ramps await the player at the other side, where another bridge sits at the bottom. Upon crossing the second bridge, the player goes down a tube and pops out in an arena with the first 8-Ball of the game. Avoiding the 8-Ball and going down another tube will lead them to the goal.


A couple hazards present themselves in this level, most notable of which being the 8-Ball and Bumpers, which can both knock you off the map if not approached with caution. Additionally, the bridges do not have guardrails, leaving a very prime spot to fall and crash.

Time TrialEdit

The times needed to be rewarded for the Beginner Race are as follows:

To attain a bronze medal, a time of 30.3 seconds is required.

To attain a silver medal, a time of 24.5 seconds is required.

To attain a gold medal, a time of 17.5 seconds is required.

To attain a Golden Weasel Award, a time of 15.9 seconds is required.


  • There are 6 bumpers and two pipes in total.
  • This is the first race in which the goal is circular and not rectangular, a property shared only with Tower Race.
  • This is the first race in which bumpers are a key part of the level, the second will be Toob Race.

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(Note: You may use bumpers as you please.)

First, there is a ramp going down. Then, the ramp will turn sideways, then, it turns about face (with a skew curve to help you), and sideways again, leading you to the bottom. After crossing the bridge, a mirror version of the first section of the race appears. Then you cross a (long) bridge again. Go down the pipe where you will have a standoff with the 8-ball, then go down the pipe again and it will lead you to the goal.

Hamsterball Gold Beginner race 13,8 sec no broken ball

Hamsterball Gold Beginner race 13,8 sec no broken ball


Beginner Race