Hamsterball 8-ball

Enemy Type



Partially (can be knocked out)

Signature Moves

Rolling around, bumping out

Appears in

Races and arenas

First appearance

Beginner Race

Related Enemies

Tiny 8-Ball, FunBall

8-Ball - First enemy encountered in a Tournament. Can be seen in Tournament mode (Normal or Frenzied! difficulty). Makes a debut in the Beginner Race.


8-Ball is very heavy, comparing to the light hamsterball. Comparing his weight and high speed,8-Ball has extremely powerful knock back that no hamsterball can withstand.  Normally, the 8-Ball just rolls around in circles, but when a hamster approaches him, he will try to bump the hamster off.



Beginner Race

Intermediate Race

Dizzy Race (seen only in background)

Tower Race

Neon Race

Odd Race (tiny version)

Toob Race

Glass Race

Master Race


Beginner Arena

Neon Arena

Glass Arena


  • There is a neon-lighted 8-Ball on the Neon Race.
  • Hamsterball Neon 8-Ball

    A Neon 8-ball

    It is possible to avoid the 8-Ball and let him fall out of his spot. If this done in a race, it will break and won`t appear again before restarting the race. If this is done in an arena, it will just reappear on a recovery platform .
  • in Rodent Rumble, the 8-Ball appears in the Begginer, Neon & Glass Arenas Only as if ti Was a Boss Fight
  • There is a tiny 8-Ball in the Odd Race , and it will break if you hit it.
  • A 8-Ball in the Dizzy Race is seen only in a background rolling round his spot, his place cannot be approached.
  • In the Neon Race, it is possible to lead the 8-Ball to the goal. However, doing so crashes the game.